Product Photographers (but so much more…)

Wayfarer Photography (John and Melody Anderson) is a creative partnership based upon our broad and eclectic range of complementary skills. With over 60 years combined experience in professional design and photography, and more than 30 years of working together, the digital workspace has increasingly become an indispensable and pivotal part of the work that we do.

John’s experience includes many years of working as a professional photographer and photo-journalist, involved in photographing all manner of subject matter; from marine and underwater, portraiture and studio work to product and magazine photography.

His background in advertising, marketing and general business, including 10 years running his own professional dive school and retail shop also allows Wayfarer to offer practical marketing and branding advice.

Melody is a qualified graphic designer of more than 30 years experience, working with a number of professional agencies and design firms before teaming up with John in their life and work together. She has developed considerable proficiency in the use of industry standard software and graphics applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver and is highly skilled in photo retouching.

This varied and practical combination of both traditional and technological abilities, coupled with a strong personal and working relationship allows us to approach almost any creative challenge from the conceptual and planning stages right through to the production of a final result.

Although most of our focus is now devoted to photography and the production of images, Wayfarer has extensive experience in designing for print and web. We still continue to serve some of our customers’ requirements for layouts, brochures and advertisements when the need arises.

Photographic images are valuable raw material and are often a critical starting point in a design process. As designers, we recognise the importance of being supplied with good quality product images and other photographic elements necessary to build a useful design resource.

When it comes to your photographic and image specifications we know what your designers will expect and we understand what files, formats and resolution they’ll need for your print job or web project. We can determine how best to optimise the files for their intended context and ensure that what you receive will be suitable for its intended purpose.

Most importantly, we care about how our images will reflect your business and go the extra distance to ensure that what you receive is of the highest standard.