Why do I need a Professional?

With the proliferation of accessible technology, and the ease and convenience of digital, more people than ever are taking photographs. It doesn’t necessarily require a pro to take an acceptable photo.

However, to produce high quality, properly lit, colour matched images, expertly post-processed, suitable for their end purpose and to produce them consistently, year in, year out, requires the experience and know-how of professionals.

Wayfarer routinely accepts work from clients who have tried to produce their own commercial images in-house (or have employed an acquaintance, amateur or hobbyist) and have discovered they lack the skills and equipment required to properly set up and light their subject/product and to achieve high enough resolution in the final results. When quality post-processing and clear-cutting (removing the backdrop or background from an image) or special retouching is required, it becomes clear that they need the services of a commercial photographer who can also provide high quality post production. Read our Case Study on Anoint Skincare.

Wayfarer’s partnership of professional photographer and graphic artist enables us to provide a complete service from photography and digital editing through to final production of specified files such as 300 dpi TIFFs, JPGs or Photoshop PSD files to CD, DVD, USB stick and for download for supply to a printer or designer.

The value and credibility of your brand, company or product is conveyed by the quality of the information you convey. Professional, quality images make an important statement about the nature of your business and contribute to customer confidence…

It’s important to choose the right photographer for your job. Remember, not all professionals work within all areas of photography. Wayfarer does not photograph weddings, for example. Please see our portfolio page for examples of the types of project we specialise in and the standard of quality you may expect from us.